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Mifflinburg Buggy Museum
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The Heiss house, buggy factory and repository are clearly the focal points of a visit to the Buggy Museum complex. The buildings offer a unique look into America's industrial past.

A structure that has lived for over a century will inevitably show signs of age. The Buggy Museum has three buildings of that vintage! Though they have lasted several generations, they have undergone some renovation -- and need more. When the Museum was formed, all three buildings were in a state of deterioration. Museum volunteers restored them to their original condition, providing visitors with an aesthetically and historically accurate representation of the buildings.

The carriage house, which burned in 1928, was recontructed in 1993 by the Museum's volunteers, local vo-tech workers and Mennonite Workers. The addition of this building helps to complete the story of the Heiss enterprise.

The three original structures have seen traffic patterns change as they have evolved collectively into a museum. Narrow passageways and shop floors built to handle a few workers must now accomodate hundreds of visitors.

Structural deficiencies in the Heiss house, buggy factory and repostitory must be addressed. Runners must be placed on floors to prevent further damage. The buildings are fragile and have deteriorated gradually over time. Steps must be taken to ensure their preservation.

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